DevOps Engineer

Istanbul, TR • YAZILIM / Yazılım • Remote

The word “experience” is often used in conjunction with old age. And it is not often sought after in the software business, although, it is an important trait in real life. Software businesses usually prioritise youth, dynamism and change.

But there are things in life that we do not wish to change. Trust being one of them and it comes hand in hand with experience. We trust upon positive experiences.

Established in Turkey, we created our team in answer to the following crucial question: was there in any way a solution in which we could combine these strong traits together? Could we start up a team, that would be experienced, create trust and at the same time be young and dynamic; easily adaptable to change?

The answer was SIMPRA; a combination of decades of experience, adaptability and dynamism.

Whoever you are, let's improve ourselves together!


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering or in a related technical field or equivalent practical experience,

Experience with Cloud service, Linux operating system,

Experience in designing, developing, and maintaining DevOps CI/CD pipelines,

Knowledge of Logging, Monitoring,Tracing tools,

Work with Container and Orchestration tools,

Knowledge of SDLC and SCM tools,

Knowledge of programming/scripting in Devops/Automation methods and tools.

Preferred experiences:

Experience with scripting languages such as Python,bash

Experience with Docker, Kubernetes and Swarm

Experience with Gitlab-CI / Jenkins

Experience with AWS(Preferred), Azure

Experience with DevOps tools and processes (Prometheus, Grafana, ELK Stack, etc..)

Familiar with TCP/IP, HTTP and other network protocols.

What's in Protel for You?

Focus on your professional growth; we've got everything else covered!

Your wellbeing is our priority. We provide private healthcare insurance accepted by a vast number of hospitals across Turkey.

Meal Support: Your lunch is on us! Plus, our meal card can be used in all supermarkets nationwide.

Tech assistance: We equip you with cutting-edge computer technology and related hardware for optimal performance.

Non-smokers Extra Leave: Upholding healthy lifestyles, we reward non-smoking staff members with an extra five leave days annually!

Birthday Leave: Enjoy a day off to commemorate your special day.

Education Support: Continuous learning enhances capability! We offer training budgets to facilitate ongoing professional development and learning opportunities for you.

Onboarding Coach: To integrate you into the Protel culture, from day one of your recruitment process, you'll have a dedicated coach guiding and supporting you throughout.

Educational Subscriptions Support: Enjoy free access to informative courses on renowned educational platforms such as Udemy and Pluralsight!

English Language Proficiency Aid: Broaden your horizons! We are committed to enhancing your mastery of English.

Premier Office Space: Our distinguished office situated in Esentepe, Istanbul, is conveniently proximate to all forms of transportation!

Complimentary Beverages at Protel No. 8 Cafe: Enjoy filter coffee, Turkish coffee and tea on the house! For those with a distinct taste for various coffee brewing styles, our skilled barista offers an array of coffees.

Fresh Breakfast Offerings at Protel No. 8 Restaurant: Start your day with a nutritious breakfast prepared by us! Lunch breaks see us relishing delightful home-prepared meals for that much-needed respite from work.

Dress Code Norms: There are none! We appreciate you precisely as you present yourself!

Recreational Area: Take some time off your regular work routine by engaging in table tennis matches or organizing foosball tournaments with your colleagues!

You can find detailed information about the processing of your personal data and your rights regarding the processed personal data within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698, in the Candidate Clarification Text at the link below: